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This is the OFFICIAL webiste for "The OC" Post Whores. Where I, Rachel, Am the "OC Post" God!
"What is an "OC" Post Whore?" You ask.
Well it is someone who spends all their free time posting on message boards having to do with the TV show "The OC".
"The O.C." is of course the hit TV show on FOX.
I added more post whores and post whores in training!
OK there was an instance eof a site going down and people loosing their posts. If you are ALREADY on this list then you don't loose your status. If you are not already on this list then you must start at the level your current posts represent.
Please remember you MUST REAPPLY for a new banner once you move up in levels. I can't keep up with everyone to do it on my own. THANKS!